Lab: Importing a Dataset

I try
mongoimport --port 27000 -u “m103-application-user” -p “103m-application-pass” --authenticationDatabase “admin” -d applicationData -c products /dataset/products.json
but result is :
error connecting to host: could not connect to server: connection() : auth error: sasl conversation error: unable to authenticate using mechanism “SCRAM-SHA-256”: (AuthenticationFailed) Authentication failed.

What’s wrong with this code

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Hi @NNikita01

Are you sure the user was created?

The default user is m103-admin, m103-pass I believe.

Thanks for including a screenshot.

Oh, 103m-application-pass should be m103-application-pass

(In case you created the user)

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Yes I passed the Lab: Creating First Application User

Thank You! :slight_smile: