Lab - Importing a Dataset : did not let me submit the answer


Lab - Importing a Dataset : This final lab on chapter did not let me submit the answer, how can i fix this ? or its going to stay “not submitted” ?

Please let me know.


Did you by any chance miss the deadline?
If are past the due date it won’t allow you to submit(it will go to disabled state/grayed out)
Please check start/end dates on course page

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Hi @jai_43506,

The deadline for Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 was Jun 25, 17:00 UTC. So, if you have tried submitting the lab after the deadline, you wont be able to submit the answers.

As i can check, you have performed really well in all other labs, so you still have chance to score well in the overall course.

Good luck for the course and Happy Learning!!