Lab - $group and Accumulators (wrong answer)

I know there are some topics on the subject, but I can not solve it.

I got a result equal to one of the answers, but I was wrong. My query returns 914 records, is this count correct?

For the movie that has more Oscars I found 11 Oscars

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Hello, 914 records is correct.

I also managed to get a total of 914, but the values were different, later I’ll be checking again.

I had gotten the correct answer but I do not know why I did not dial correctly, I was very tired in the day, it took me a long time to find the correct regex, when I got stdDevSamp through stdDevPop, even though it was stdDevSamp, I was frustrated by not answer this question correctly. After finding that I could not correct the answer I tried to guess and I marked all the wrong ones, when I went to check the correct answer I saw that the result was the same as I had achieved, I should be very tired in the day to make such a mistake. I had the answer and I dialed it wrong.
I really enjoy doing mongodb university courses. It is challenging.


I think the $stdDevSamp should be made a little clearer in the lab. I was mistaken in thinking that sample in this case meant the sample code :smile:

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Hi @Jonathon_93506,

Thanks for sharing this feedback!!
We will take a look here and make the necessary updates.


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