Lab: $graphLookup Explanation

Good day. I already completed this lab but for the last part I basically guessed the answer. can anyone provide a detailed discussion surrounding the correct answer in a pm for me, please. Thanks in advance

@leroy_67662 at the end of each lab there’s a detailed explanation of the answer. Have you read that?

Hi @leroy_67662,

You can refer to detailed answer in the lab. If you still have any confusion, please feel free to post in the forum.


I also first tried to solve it by myself and then ended up in guessing as you did.
The detailed answer says that the solution is done by using something new, that hasn’t been treated so far. I personally find it very frustrating and time wasting, working on labs which introduce new stuff in the solution.

Yes, this style of learning is prevalent in this course and has been fedback to the Curriculum Engineers.
Perhaps you can share one operator/concept that was used in this lab but not discussed in prior lectures? And feel free to create a new thread if you would like some clarity about $graphLookup.