Lab: Facet - are the answer options provided part of the lab correct?

I tried solving the lab for facet, but I am not able to match my answer to any of the answer. I am getting 7 titles.

I just want to ensure, if the options provided in the labs are still correct. Please confirm.

If the options provided in the labs is correct, what am I missing.

query used

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First of all, please follow Forum guidelines and do not post code, or answers, or potential answers in the Forum. I have edited your post to remove that information. And, yes, the correct answer is in the supplied answers, so if your result doesn’t match, you’ve done something incorrect.


As per the question, I understood the following

  1. I have to identify top 10 unique grades for IMDb rating

  2. identify top 10 unique grades for metacritic.

  3. find the movies who are part of the top 10 grades for IMDb rating and meta critic separately.

  4. finally, find the movies that are part of both the rating

Please let me know if I have understood the question correctly. If not, please help to explain.




Notice that you want to do this in one database access. Also notice that you’re not looking for "unique’ grades, merely the top 10 in each category. So you should start with your 3rd step (which is really two steps, correct? find the top 10 IMDB and the top 10 metacritic) and then find the movies that are the intersection of th two sets. Good luck.

I got the answer thanks.

Only, if people sort by title also, they can get a match. If not, they will not get any result.

But as per the question, it is not really necessary to sort by title.

May be part of the question, instructor can provide this as an hint that they need to sort by title, which will save everyone lot of time and effort. I spent around 6 hrs just to find out, what is wrong?


If you want to make that suggestion, use the “Report an issue” link at the bottom of the screen. This goes directly to the curriculum team who take all these suggestions quite seriously. Good luck.