Lab exercise showing incorrect answer even if it is correct

For, Lab 1.1, I am seeing only the below fields:

Even though I select the correct options, it shows me incorrect answer.

Hey @prateekgoel your answer is incorrect, you can switch to the table view for a tabular view of data and reattempt the question.

Hey @prateekgoel

Did you scroll down on the results returned by Compass and see if any of the other documents include different fields?

Hi @prateekgoel,

So in the Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect, you are supposed to select all those fields which appear in the movies collection.

I believe you are looking at each of the documents appearing on the screen to answer the question. But this approach may not give you the full list of fields. The reason is any two document in MongoDB can have totally different fields than each other and it would not be feasible to manually look at each document to list down all the fields available to us.

So here is the right way to find out the list of all fields available using Compass :

First click on Schema tab and then click on Analyze Schema


Now you should be able to see the list of all fields available in the movies collection. You can simply scroll down and see the full list.

If you have any query, feel free to get back to us. Happy Learning !

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer


Thank you guys. I was not looking at the entire schema. It worked.

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