Lab Environment is very small

This is very small, I can barely see what’s in the terminal. I tried expanding but that’s how high it gets.

Its design is to allow you to work without installing anything but its size on the page is a bit painful. maybe someday it will get better.

but for now, you have to use it whenever the labs say “you have to use web IDE”

meantime, you don’t have to use this web IDE all the time to learn the basics. actually, it might be better to have other tools if you are to improve yourself.

you use these tools to learn freely and then get back to web IDE with the knowledge you acquired to complete labs.

mongo and new mongosh are console/shell tools and Compass is GUI tool you can use to connect to your cluster. For windows, they are also available in zip format to be used without installation. check MongoDB Tools page.

“Connect to Sandbox” link in your Atlas cluster page will give you the link you need to connect to it.

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