Lab - Creating First Application User - DB- applicationData missing

I don’t have database “applicationData”
when and which lab created this database?


In no previous lab was created, however, you do not need to make it to do this Lab.

It is needed as the user that is created needs to be given access to this dB.

The database applicationData doesn’t need to exist for the lab, there is no referential integrity checks on db: “applicationData”

Imagine you are just pre-emptively creating the users for a database that will come along at a later date.

Well I created the user but can’t validate

Check that mongod is running on the correct port.

You should be using the config file from the previous lab.

All these validate scripts will be expecting to talk to the database on a specific port.

I would recommend you store the configs you are using in one location, and each lab you just create a version that uses the previous labs. Just because a lab says /etc/ doesn’t mean you have to store them there.

When you created the user, had you moved into the admin database before creating the user.