Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster problem

Hi there.

I am stuck at the end of chapter 1. I did this lab some weeks ago, but today I noticed that I didn’t have any items completed. I started again, but now, in the last lab of chapter 1, the interactive IDE doesn’t show me the first page where you get your connection string. Instead, it shows me directly the IDE, the terminal, and the instructions. However, I am unable to figure out what my instance is in my connection string.

I know that is something like this:

mongo "mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student --password m001-mongodb-basics

But I don’t know what to put in the XXXXX part because when I launch the IDE, it doesn’t show me that page where I choose how to connect and get the connection string. I tried to find a way to restart the IDE or something, but I always get the terminal directly because I connected it in the past.

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Jorge_Yass and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums. :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’ve somehow lost your progress in the M001 course. That shouldn’t happen.

As for connecting, you need to open open up the MognoDB Atlas page in your browser and then log in. From there you will click on the Connect button next to your cluster and then choose Connect with the MongoDB Shell. The dialog box that pops up will have the connection string that you need to type in.

Hi Jorge,
I’m having the exact same problem, and I’m not sure what to put when you’re asked to replace “My First Database" with ??

I think i’ll try again … perhaps logging out and back in may reset everything.

Hi :wave: @Jorge_Yass / @Jon_N_A1

Please do the following steps to deploy your free Atlas cluster and get your SRV connection string.

  1. Register for a Free MongoDB Atlas account

  2. Deploy a free cluster:

Then you will get your full SRV connection string.

  1. Add your connection IP address to your IP access list

  2. Create a database user for your cluster.

  3. Load sample data into your Atlas clusters.

I hope it helps!


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Thank you @Doug_Duncan @Kushagra_Kesav!

Please check this post to see if you have a duplicate course assignment before continuing, and if so remove the one with lesser progress.

as for the Web IDE, I think it covers the whole page when opened. it has a “minimize” button in the upper corner so you can see the page itself.


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