Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster // command not found

I am looking for help finishing the first test with the In-Browser-IDE. It will not accept the copied and pasted string provided.

I removed the MyFirstDatabase an included Sandbox instead. The user name I added is just like what was mentioned in video --username m001-student.
I tried with Sandbox being Capital S and sandbox with lowercase s in spelling. Both ways give the same command not found. see screen capture is what I am entering and message.
I have the IP set as well as my home IP in Network Access.

I can connect from my machine using the same string after I add my password. See second screen shot. I would like to continue and this test failing is stopping me.

Why does it connect from my machine but fails with your In Browser IDE ?? Please help I am not going forward with out this figured out.

This is from site Lab Test::

This is using same string on my machine in cmd and I get to include my password::

I had to separate them as I am a new user and only allowed one item per post ??? WTH ???

If it helps I have the IP active the following is what I saved in Notepad to a text file on my Desktop for reference::
Free tier info to get started:

The following 10 easy steps will guide you in creating:

an Atlas Organization named MDBU
a Project within MDBU called M001
a Free Tier Atlas cluster named Sandbox

username and password for Sandbox cluster

user:: m001-student

password:: m001-mongodb-basics

My Current IP Address:: (removed by me)


FOR mongosh My shell version:: 1.1.0

mongosh “mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student

Replace myFirstDatabase with the name of the database that connections will use by default. You will be prompted for the password for the Database User, m001-student. When entering your password, make sure all special characters are URL encoded.

Any reason why you are trying to run mongosh rather than mongo as indicated in step 2 of the screenshot you supplied?

The lab instruction indicates to use mongo. That’s the command you have to use.

In the videos before the test applying to set up it tells you to type into your cmd mongo --version or mongosh --version.
mongo --version was not found on my machine
mongosh --version produced version 1.1.0 being installed

so that is what I have been using up to this point, and why I used that string. For the prior entries as well as this one.
In my Programs and Features I cannot screen capture it Windows wont allow but it says MongoDB Shell I installed it on 10/26/2021 ver. 1.1.0 140MB

this is what I installed from my downloads folder.

I used the mongosh to get this far and if you are right I have to un-install everything and find a mongo version to complete this test??

Why do they offer you an mongosh version and a mongo version to check on in the middle of the chapter??

It seems the only way to pass the test even though it opens on my machine every time. Is to uninstall everything mongo on my machine.
Then install

Then go into Atlas and delete EVERYTHING and start from scratch creating everything all over from the beginning. Just to use the IDE ?? and the mongo string instead of mongosh ??

Bullshit and I wasted 3 hours with this already …

The concept of the IDE inside the browser connected to Atlas is that you do not have to download anything.

Post a screenshot of running the indicated mongo command in the IDE.

Thanks and I removed anything mongo from my machine and restarted it. I went back and terminated the project, organization – everything. Now I am back to scratch and you are saying

But now I am at the point where I just loaded the sample data. I am about to connect BUT HAVE NOTHING MONGO install on my machine.

When I highlight I don’t have the MongoDB Shell it offers me only mongosh to be installed ??

I had to install as the instructions said being I no longer had the shell on machine. I add the bin directory to the environmental variables. and used that string in my machines cmd.

I now went back to the Lab and hit connect and NOW having a shell was able to apply the mongo string W/O the sh added.
It has a warning that shell and server do not match (??) but says WELCOME to the MongoDB shell

But does show test results [PASS] at this point that is all I care about. But confused as hell.

I had a version of Mongo on the machine with out Compass from a Udemy tutorial using Mongo with Express and React for a small project. That was confusing so I looked on the Mongo’s site and found this University to help understand it a bit more.

It passed the test and I have 3 hours of de-bugging under my belt. As well a great understanding of navigating Atlas. Removing everything am re-installing so there is a small silver lining.

I think the info from the other tutorial and what they had me install was causing the issue. Also my inexperience surly had a hand in it. Thanks for the reply and redoing everything fixed it. See below::

Thanks and Peace …

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It was a tag team solution !! Now for a beer !! and next chapter Peace

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