Lab - Configure a Sharded Cluster

How do i proceed with the Lab - Configure a Sharded Cluster,

i already have sharding setup with Config servers with ports ( 26001,26002, and 26003)
and added replicat set -m103-repl ( ports 27011, 27012, and 27013)
Do i need to remove the complete setup of the config servers and replicat setup and start from the scratch ?

If you did the Initiate a Replica Set lab from Chapter 2, you should have already setup the m103-repl replica set on ports 27001, 27002 and 27003.

So if you’re confident that your m103-repl replica set are on different ports, then you need to shutdown the 2011/2/3 nodes and setup 27001/2/3 on m103-repl.

Hi @Subba_17461,

In addition to @007_jb,

Just delete the datapath of the config servers and rebuild the m103-csrs replica set.

Once done then add the m103-repl replica set which you created in the Chapter 2: Replication Lab - Initiate a Replica Set Locally to the shard. In this replica set, the nodes are running on port 27001, 27002, 27003.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham

Thanks, that worked out and passed the lab also