Lab Configuration File

After contructing my configuration file config.txt,I run command

mongod -f config.txt

but error UNRECOGNISE tsl.mode raised. I guess that mongo shell version is 3.0,require 4.0
I follow exactly instructions in chapter 0 when installing vagrang

Your config file needs to include only the config options required in the lab and you should create the file inside the shared folder on your host machine which can be accessed by ls -l /shared on the VM.

Don’t use the /etc/mongod.conf file

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Hi @Dinh_67963,

As @007_jb suggested, please get rid of all the options which are not required in the lab. You will eventually learn about some of them in the upcoming lectures and labs.

For more information you can refer our documentation.

~ Shubham

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I have solved ! Thank you so much ! Keep proceeding