Lab Config File -- Unable to connect

Validate_Lab_Configuration_File times out with no clear reason unless I’m missing something really obvious.

The server starts, I can connect from the command line with the right user using the right host and port, I can show users and see the admin user looks good, but when I try to run the validate command, it continues to fail.

Screenshots attached – any help appreciated.GetCmdLineOpts ServerAcceptsManualConnection UserCreatedProperly Validate_Lab Fails

Can you provide the output of ps -aef | grep [m]ongo?

Here you go…

Next step the output of ss -tlnp.

This is strange it is not listing to localhost:27000 but the getCmdLineOpts indicates that you specified it.

However, if I look closely, the 1 of 127 does not look like a real 1 if we compare it to the other 1s you have. May be it is an lower case L.

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Oh my God I feel dumb. Good catch that was exactly the problem.

Closing this thread as the issue has been resolved.