Lab- Computing Fields

I am getting 44497 as the answer which isn matching an option

Because your code does not fit the requirements.

Please help me where could I be wrong-
$project:{"_id":0,“title1”:{$size:{$split:[“title”," "]}}

What do documents looks like when you run the pipeline?

Hi @madhuri_behl,

I see that you were able to complete the lab successfully. :clap:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.


Is there a reason why none of these forum posts have anything useful from the Mongo staff? Even if a student passed the part of the curriculum they’re posting about the whole reason for having a forum is so the community can benefit from the question and response. There is very little on the log required for this post and the documentation doesn’t provide examples complex enough to suffice for this exercise.

What is the specific issue you are having?

Hey @Jesse_Richey,

For the Aggregation course, we prefer talking to individuals 1-on-1 in private threads so that they can share their aggregation pipeline and we can help them in debugging/resolving the issue. In this way, we can try not to disclose potential answers or hints to other users on the forum.

We also have been running short on headcount in the team, resulting in delayed responses. Huge shout out to our amazing community that helps each other.

Can you please share the issue that you are facing in the course?

I would also recommend you to go through MongoDB Documentation: Aggregation while you are taking the course, this will improve your understanding tremendously.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,

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