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does anyone find other way to resolve?
Mine is

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I’m using one $match stage and one $project stage to identify the number of words in a movie title. Here is a sample result document:

	"title" : "The Godfather",
	"titleArray" : [
	"wordsInTitle" : 2

What is the next step?

How do I limit the results returned to only those movies where wordsInTitle = 1?

This lab is about projection, so I assume we want to use that stage. However, $match seems like the more appropriate spot.

The functions I used to generate wordsInTitle include $split and $slice, so if I limit results using $match, I think I need to use $expr, but I’m stuck.

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Yep, you’re almost there. :wink:

You want to use $project to split the title into components – which it looks like you’ve done correctly – but then you will want one more $match to get just those documents where there is only 1 element in the title. Good luck.

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Hi…I have created variable through $project as below:
db.movies.aggregate([{"$project": {
“splitArray”: {$split: ["$title"," "]},

“title”: 1,
“isArray”: { $isArray: “[$splitArray]” }

isArray value is returning false value…
I checked this because when i applied $size operator, it results as NA .Actually splitting is correct but $isArray is not considering as array. Can anybody please resolve this issue?


Well, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here, but your $project pipeline has some problems. Try splitting your current $project into two pieces; you can’t use a calculated field in the same stage as the field itself.

Also, I would strongly recommend not using the same text for a variable as the operators (i.e. “isArray” and $isArray)-- that’s a prescription for disaster in the long run. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply…can we have multiple project stages in same aggregation?


Yep. As many as you need. Of course, you can only $project fields that are in the documents at that stage – but you know that already. :wink:

Thanks for your reply…I finally solved it


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I already used $split but I cannot use $size, because my results aren’t an array? Do I have to transform into an array or there is another way to know how many words there are in title?

If I do have to transform it into an array, how can I do that?

I don’t understand why mine doesn’t work, the documentation of $split show a similar operation as mine. With a list not an array.

It would have been much better if you created a new thread.

What chapter is this lab located?

chapter 1, Lab - Computing Fields

$split returns an array so $size should work. They both belong in separate stages.

I made both of them in $project. How should I do?

Don’t know if it h

Hint: separate stages and different types of stages.