Lab - Change the Default DB Path Help [SOLVED]

Hi so Im pretty sure I have everything down, although when I start mongod with:

mongod --port 27000 --dbpath /var/mongodb/db --bind_ip ‘,localhost’ --auth
and try to validate_lab_change_dbpath, it gives me:
You need to start mongod with a configuration file.

So when i add --config /var/mongdb/db with that above command, it gives me this:
–Some more random rarrays and objects and whatnot…—
{“b”:“7F48AC0B0000”,“o”:“2578524”,“s”:"_Znam"}, [0x7f48a8e54f45]
mongod(+0xA3B41F) [0x7f48acaeb41f]
----- END BACKTRACE -----

What is that and what should i fix? (The --begin backtrace-- and --end backtrace-- is part of the console.log that comes out)

Please check your config file
Do you have mongod.log file?It may give more details
Does the new dbpath dir exist and you have privs to write into it
Make sure no other mongod running on same port(if any running from previous lab)

@Jason_Chiang_84661, /var/mongdb/db is not a config file. This is the directory the lab wants you to define in your config file.

When you start mongod with a config file you do not specify (normally) any other options like --port, --auth. All these are specified in the config file. You will find more information in:

Ohh so this is what we did in the lab for the config file. How would I get to the config file and change it? Is it passing in those cmd-line-option flags with the --config “/etc/mongod.conf” rather than the --something, or can i access the file somewhere and change it with vim/emacs

You can start by copying /etc/mongodb.conf into a local file.

Any text editor will work. I personally prefer vi.

Yes all commands line arguments now becomes configuration items in the config file.

Ahh that helped a lot. Thank you!