Lab-Bringing it all together

Hi, I have used 1.$match - to filter conditions specified, 2. $project - to project id,title field along with new scaled_votes field.3.$addFields to rescale and finally 4.$sort field in ascending order by rescale field.
Then i got some lowest rescale values =1,No title names are available in options. Where i got wrong?

only this lab is left out to complete…please anyone try to help me out…because, less time is available to complete.

It seems like - you haven’t averaged the scaled IMDb Voting value with IMDb rating


I guess that your normalize rating calculation is not correct. Check your code against the handout and try again. Good luck.

Also, I would note that we have students from all around the world, so trying to get a response in the last 24 hours is a bit problematic. We’ll try to help, but… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you for your responses…I got answer when i keep all computation(normalize rating and scaling) in one stage only instead of two different stages…