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I am pretty sure this was raised a couple of years ago, however it is still here. It is in regards to this piece of text.

it was released in 1990 or after.

Please fix the lab description to say that the year field doesn’t need to be the released year, but can be the year field, since the year field is used in the detailed example. It adds a little bit of unnecessary complexity using released.


Hi @NeilM,

Thanks for highlighting this!!

As we are working on revamping the current version of the course, soon we will get rid of these incorrect/complicated lab statements so that users can focus more on learning MongoDB.

With the new version of the course coming up, we are not making any changes in the content as of now, unless it is a blocker for a significant number of users.

Please feel free to reach out if you havea ny questions.

Kind Regards,

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I myself encountered the same issue… However, you may want to get in the habit of looking at a document to ensure that the fields are correct.

I would think that this is a good habit to get into in the real world and it is quite simple to execute. A simple db.movies.findOne() command is the best starting point. Just putting that out there.

Thanks for listening.

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