Lab - Bringing it all together: did not let me submit the answer

Hi. I have been trying to submit my answer to chapter 2, lab 2, but it kept saying that my answer was null. Now it is too late. I did not check the “detailed answer,” so I do not know if my answer was correct. If I was wrong, so be it, but I do not want to get a “FAIL” because the form would not take my answer. Can you help?
Thank you,

I’ve seen similar questions asked several times and the response has always been to register for the next session and be mindful of the deadlines.

Hi @ashleecaul,

As I can check you have completed all the labs except 1 i.e. Lab: Bringing it all together, so you will not “Fail” as only one lab is incorrect. The passing grade for this course is 65% or above.

Please elaborate as to where you were getting null in the answer. If you were getting incorrect answer in your query, please check the Detailed Answer and if you still have any confusion regarding the same, we can further discuss the query.

Please let me know if you have any questions.