Lab: Apply the Attribute Pattern

I really don’t get this. When I use validate_m32, it stated that I need room and spot field, which is not exist in instruction. But it keeps giving me errors, so I added those two field, I got the validation code, but my answer is incorrect.

Your solution, not working at all.

Can you try running the below command? I don’t see example to run validation for the lab.

 ./validate_m320 pattern_attribute --file pattern_attribute.json
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I got the solution right (thanks for pointing out the first parameter “pattern_attribute”, I also got the error before because I used “example”).

However, I believe the instructions are unclear or wrong.
The second item on the Task reads “transform the field that tracks the date when a piece was acquired, date_acquisition, so that it is also indexed with the values above.”, but “date_acquisition” has nothing to do with the solution. It seems it is the “events” attribute that is being tracked.


Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. We will look into this and get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, I got the same issues, so I think that the instructions for this lab and/or for using the validation tool is not 100% clear.

Hi @Julien_Ballaud,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will sync with the team on this and we will make the necessary changes.

~ Shubham

the problem still occured (october) The validator show a confirmation code which isn’t recognized at submission.


I have the same problem as some of the others here, the validator gives me a code wich isn’t acknowledged as OK.

What can we do to pass the lab?

Sending you a message to share the details.


Closing the topic as the issue is resolved. :+1: