Lab answer need to be updated

Hello everyone i think they need to update the answer to some of the lab exc
i was told to find the number of geners in which using compass {gener:“Family”}, after ruining the query i got a number from the movies but the number was not listed after i fail to get the correct answer when i click to see answer detail i saw was running the wrong query the query the have was {“gener.1”:“Family”}, after i ran the query on compass i was get nothing in return i don’t if am wrong or is the answer need to be updated.

MongoDB is very particular about spelling mistakes and is case sensitive. If you misspell a field name (like genre), you will get 0 results (without any errors).

i checked my spelling it was correct i didn’t know what i was getting wrong you can check it out

So are you saying you called it genre or gener?

this may be i need to update my post

If you have other filters, then the combination of those is what’s causing 0 results.

ok i will check that

Remove all the filters, and start to add them in one by one until you find the culprit. Suggest reviewing the lab question too.