Lab: analyse profiler data : mlaunch_issue traceback error message

Hi team!
please I’m facing an issue when trying to run the mlaunch --single

Hi @saurel_momnugi,

You haven’t mentioned the version of mtools you are using (mlaunch --version), but Python 2.7 combined with a syntax error suggests you have installed a version of mtools which requires Python 3.

Support for Python 2.7 was discontinued in mtools 1.6 (Dec 2019) and more generally by the Python Software Foundation on Jan 1, 2020: Sunsetting Python 2.

Your options are:

  • Use a version of Python 3 compatible with the version of mtools you are installing (for example Python 3.7-3.9 for mtools 1.7.0). See the mtools Installation docs for more details.

  • Try installing an older version of mtools compatible with Python 2.7: pip install mtools=1.5.3

I strongly recommend the first approach (using a compatible version of Python 3) as it will be more straightforward.


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