Lab 4.2 Correct answer question


I’ve attempted the Lab 4.2 returning error in the 3 attempts .
The index i’ve suggested was the Solution Index adding partialfiltering on the match query condition

The description clearly states that the desired result should be the smallest index possible
Keep in mind that there might be several indexes that resolve this error, but we’re looking for an index as small as possible that services this command.

Comparing my partial index with the Lab Solution , the partial index returned smaller size.
Partial index: 3735552
Lab index: 6320128
Running the lab query in both cases returned same result : 588629 documents

What Am I missing? why is not valid a partial index in this lab ?

Thank you

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Please check this link

LAB 4.2 - Any hints

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And have you looked at the “Detailed Answer” in the lab? I think it gives a good justification as to why the chosen answer is suitable.

The trick to solving this lab is actually creating the smallest optimal index(es) and testing it out; paying attention to the stages and fields being used and the operators (i.e. remember the equality rule with indexes and the utilisation of indexes in the sort stage).

Hello ,

Thank you for the replies.

I was on the same boat as the user in @Ramachandra_37567 link.

I agree with the people in the link , for me it is a bit confusing the description of the lab. When i saw smallest I automatically thought of size and number of keys in the index. But that wasn’t what the lab was looking for.

Thank you for clearing my doubts.