Lab 4.2 correct answer evaluated as incorrect

I entered an answer, in my first temptative, that as been evaluated as incorrect, but the solution proposed when I click “see detailed answer” is exactly the same. So I think my answer should be evaluated as correct.


Hey @Francesco.Scullino
Without sharing any code that is similar to an answer, I just want to ask if you are sure your answer matches the bold section of the last sentence of the last paragraph in the Detailed Answer and not the part in the code block?


Several students have reported that they have had problems with posting the correct answer. I would strongly suggest that you use the “Report an issue” link at the bottom of the display to report this. Note that, although you can’t post answers here, you can post your answer in that report. If the answer is correct, then you should also ask to have your score corrected. Good luck.

@DHz thanks for the suggestion. I reported my issue. Is there a place where I can monitor my request? I completely lost it after submission, so I’m not able to know if it is under review or rejected


Not that I know of; in the past when things like this have come up, the correction simply appears in your grades. However, I’ll post a request to the curriculum team and see if we can get some feedback, since you are only one of several students who have had problems.

Notice though that this is the start of a long holiday weekend here in the USA, and so any request won’t even be seen by anyone before Monday. But I’ll let you know if I hear anything back. Good luck, and thanks for reporting this.

I have just had the same issue

Hi @Phil_30519,

Please check your discourse inbox.

Let me know, if you have any questions.