Lab 2 Cofiguration file

Hi Team,

I am getting the following error please help

Below is my config file

Error: end of map not found. Line 18 Col 1


Please refer to the documentation for the correct format of a config file and rewatch the lecture:

As an aside, you can create the config file in the shared folder on your Windows machine, and access it in the /shared folder on the VM. Run the command ls -l /shared

Lastly, it’s against forum guidelines to post possible lab answers.

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Hi Team,

I have corrected the mistakes and yet i am getting below error

Please help

Team @Gagan_81660,

Ensure that
… you’re using spaces and not tabs.
… there’s no space before the word “storage”.
… all the sub options under the “storage” section are valid.
… all the parent and sub options are in correct alignment.

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Hi @Gagan_81660,

Please go through this link again if you haven’t done it already.

And also please take note of this :arrow_down:

If the issue still persists then let us know.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer