Lab 2.6: Update Operators

The question here implies that you could use more than one operator/modifier. Following that logic, i was under the impression that the solution could be to use unset first and use set to correct the typo mentioned in the scenario, but then it turned out that the correct answer is only set…

@Kanika Can the question be more precise in a way that it does not imply multiple correct choices or change the radio buttons to be able to chose only one? That was confusing this way…



I agree with @Sandor_34399 there are a couple ways to use modifiers and operators change the typo, the answer states that only one is required, but the question doesn’t ask for the only one, it asks which ones - that means to regardless of the construct which would allow multiple patterns based on what was most efficient to select the likely operators which there are 4 in the list on the multiselect answer

The question is asking which of these operators do you need to use to update a single document, as there is just one update operator required, only one needs to checked. That one update operator would change that whole document, why would you make work for yourself. I’m sure the question has been worded that way to ensure you have a complete grasp of the concept and not to over think it.