Lab 2.4 - the correct answer not listed

Hello everyone,
I solved Lab 2.4 , but all the answers given as choices there are wrong.
I tried both in terminal and Compass.
The answer is the same, but it’s it’s not listed there. I am pretty sure there was nothing wrong with the query.

Hi ioana_11381,

Please check your message. You can share the query there.


Ok, I messed up.
My query was not correct.
All fine now.

Great! Good luck :slight_smile:


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Same issue both in Compass and Shell, as in my previous email.
Please advise.
Thanks !

Hi @ajaibhatnagar,

You are thinking in the right direction except you are querying for exact match.

In arrays, when you query like this:

  document: ["Test"]

It means you are querying for all the documents with document : ["Test"] as it is.

I think, reading documentation: Query an Array or watching the lecture again might help.


Same issue I am facing - It is showing 8