Lab 2.3: Writes with failover: Is one answer wrong?

FOr the lab session one answer seems to be wrong.
The write operation will always return with an error, even if wtimeout is not specified.
Even though when a node is down, and w:3, the write operation waits indefinitely, I see the error because it was unable to connect to the node.
W NETWORK [ReplicaSetMonitor-TaskExecutor-0] Failed to connect to, in(checking socket for error after poll), reason: Connection refused

Better we reword the answer.

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… share a screenshot of your mongo connection string
… share a screenshot of your insert command (including the prompt)

I have given the screenshot because you asked for it. My point is not about my situation. I believe mongodb behaves correctly.
The question is is the message not an error message at all?
My understanding is, it is an error message, but not related to the query.
The answer was confusing.

The “W” means it’s a “Warning”, not an error message. Can you please share the mongo connection string?

Thank you. I didnt notice the “W”. Now it makes sense.
The situation is because I purposefully doned one node.
This was the connection string.
mongo applicationData --host m103-repl/m103:27001,m103:27002,m103:27003 --username root --password root --authenticationDatabase admin

No problem. If you’re interested, Google “MongoDB Log Components” for the different flags and their meanings.

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The wording of the answers in this quiz are confusing and ambiguous. The correct answers are correct, but the questions could be better phrased.