Lab 2.2 strage behaviour

I gave the right answer (< deleted >) but it was considered my mistake.
What happened?


A couple of points. First of all, please follow Forum guidelines and do not post code or answers here. Second, FYI, the position of an answer that you see is probably NOT the same as other students see – the display is randomized for obvious reasons.

Finally, you say you “… gave the right answer…but it was considered my mistake.” What does that mean?? Did you get an error message? If you did get an error message or your answer was marked “Incorrect”, then you did not give the correct answer. OTH, if your answer was marked “Correct” what do you mean that “…it was considered my mistake”?

I apologize even if I imagined that the answer position was random.
The fact is that yesterday I was told that my answer was wrong and it was proposeed to me the same answer as correct.
Today it was proposeed to me a different answer but for me it is clear that it is not correct.
It is not the first time that such a situation has occurred; the first in this course.
Where i can explain my reasons?

I have understood what happened.
I apologize again.


Just to be clear here – you have solved your problem correct? LMK. Thanks.