Lab 2.2 Possibly the best answer

Index 1 => { : 1, job : 1, last_name :1 }
Index 2 => { : 1, last_name :1, job : 1 }

Which is the best indexing out of 1 and 2?
According to me Index 1 will be the most efficient ?

I want to know it whether i am correct or not, if i am wrong give me correct answer and explanation

As you probably already know, we’re not at liberty to discuss potential answers to labs/exams.

Plus, at the end of each lab (pass or fail), you’ll get an explanation for each one of the wrong/right answers.

Lastly, the question is not about efficiency, it’s about best fit. In other words, which answer is the most appropriate for all 3 queries.


Hi @Kartikhsr85,

Please check your discourse inbox and you can reply to me over there if you have any confusion regarding the lab.