Lab 2.2 Best performance (don't rely on ExecutionStats)

for those taking this class, do not rely on the executionstats for each query when loading each index. The answer was definitely misleading. Strange that this chapter is supposed to be about performance yet the answer clearly was not the best performance index.

A similar discussion was had in this thread. And I would imagine that there are other similar discussions re this same lab.

What this exercise tries to highlight is that sometimes you have to sacrifice performance to find a median solution. I wouldn’t recommend “not using ExecutionStats” because you absolutely need it. You just need to bear in mind that it’s looking for “best fit” for all 3 queries.

If you want to discuss the answer in detail, you can do so with the Curriculum Services Engineer in private.

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How so? Can you elaborate? I was able to answer the question correctly in one go by USING the execution stats