Lab 2.1 did not jive with the lectures meant to prepare us

I’m not sure I’ve ever understood a topic less than I did before the lectures after the lectures until now. It would be great if you succinctly summarized the combined index and sort more effectively. An example would be pointing out that the index does not care about the order of the fields but sort does. I completely switched them.

It would also be nice if they disabled hitting enter to submit scores if at the same time they are going to auto-highlight the submit button. Sometimes easy of use results in accidental use. Glad I don’t have Parkinson’s or other motor skills issues or I could fail all of the labs accidentally.


Good point! This is something that’s caught a lot of students. It really needs to be stressed that for compound indexes:

  • the order of the fields when creating the index matters
  • the order of fields when finding documents in the filter operation doesn’t matter because the query optimiser will reorder it to fit an index
  • the order of fields matters during a sort

To an extent the first two were covered but the last point wasn’t. More examples showing this behaviour would help to stress this point too.


Hi @Ariel_89894 @007_jb,

Thanks for your feedback!!

We are working on updating the lecture notes so that we can incorporate these relevant feedbacks and make the course more helpful for the users.

In future, we are also planning to upgrade the lecture content.

For this specific query, I would recommend you to go through the MongoBD documentation for detailed analysis:

Please let me know, if you have any questions.