Lab 103 Importing A Dataset

please help?

You are missing a closing double quote after the password.

Most errors are caused by typos, that is the first thing you should check.


Hi, please take a look at the result: 0 record exported and the problem with the directory?

The lab is named Importing a dataset and starts with

Run a mongoimport command

But you have run many mongoexport, why?

The lab instructions specify

import the data from /dataset/products.json

You have used dataset.products and dataset.products.json, please used the mentioned filename.

The documentation of mongoimport is at

The lab requirements are:

The requirements for this command are:

  • connect to a mongod process running on port 27000
  • import the data from /dataset/products.json
  • import the data to applicationData.products
  • use m103-application-user to authenticate to the database - this user has already been created for you on the admin database with password m103-application-pass

I have spent a lot of time . now the message is 0 imported.

There is no issue.Your import is successful
It says 0 documents failed to import
Please login and query your collections

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