Lab 1 problem unable to configure the mongod with commands

i got the following problem
Failed to set up listener: SocketException: Cannot assign requested address
i’m unable to bind the ip address please help.

i have one more doubt .
i have to run mongod in my vagrant enviroment or host machine? there is no clarity in the lab

Hi Prashant_Rawal_71220

I have responded to you in another thread
If you are using vagrant and you have completed the setup use vagrant
vagrant ssh mongod-m103
It will take you to unix box
Start running your commands
Please follow your class notes/videos
You should be able to start mongod easily

hey @Ramachandra_37567 vagrant is configured perfectly .but the problem is when i am running mongod with config file its constanly producing error .although the config file has no error init .i have checked the yaml format please

done it .it works i have set up additional setting in config file which cause error.
thanks mate @Ramachandra_37567