Lab 1 $match problem

I have created pipeline for lab1 nad executed but the number of documents returned are not correct. I am not sure what mistake I am doing. I want to correct that before proceeding to next section.

What is the number you are getting? Bigger or smaller?

If bigger your $match is not restrictive enough.
If small your $match is too restrictive.
If 0 you might be using wrong cluster, db, collection or fields.

bigger. I understand that there is problem but I don’t get where it is.

Most of the time people struggle with

  • languages contains “English” and “Japanese”

by using an operator that is not restrictive enough.

yes, I guess problem is in language condition. I used in, and, all but no result. Not sure what should be used.

The $all operator is much more restrictive than the $in operator.

Another common error is typing mistakes in field names or values. As a clue to help pinpoint which part of the $match that is not enough restrictive. The queries for the different fields when executed alone should give:

languages query alone gives 533 documents
genres gives 35105
rated 3634
imdb.rating 15204
languages with genres 422
languages with rated 53
languages with imdb.rating 242


Many Thanks for your support.
It was spelling mistake in a value.