Lab 1.5: Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 Unable to find the director name

How many movies in the video collection were directed by Patty Jenkins. Stated more precisely, how many documents in the video.movies collection have a value of “Patty Jenkins” for the director field?

in my database there is no Patty Jenkins

I clicked one name ,in the overview
for example Michèle Massè
in the Filter field a json object appears
{director: ‘Michèle Massè’}
replaced Michèle Massè with Patty Jenkins
and pressed analyze button

or maybe you can type directly in the filter field and press analyze
{“director”: “Patty Jenkins”}

Hth Ralf

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Oops my bad…
I misspelled it and was getting 0 results backs so thought there is something wrong with my database.



there is, try to insert the name s filter and see how many films

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@Ralf_09970 The first time I pressed the Analyze button, nothing happened. I just hit Enter on my keyword and I got the correct results, Since then the Analyze button works as expected.

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