Lab 1.5 Scavenger Hunt answer is WRONG!

Even though the correct answer for this lab seems to be ‘x’,
the actual answer is ‘x’+1 because the question is not accounting for a movie directed by Patty Jenkins in collaboration with Jennifer Anniston and others.

The title of the movie is “Five”

It should be taken into account for the answer of this lab. It is not!

Salute to my fellow developers, we are all going amazing places!!!

Hi @Diego_Gallovich_62934,

Thank you for sharing your findings on this lab.

It seems that you are working ahead of the course progression of topics and are using either regex or array operators that haven’t been introduced in chapter 1 of the course.

If you do a simple equality match and look for documents where the director field has the value of [is equal to] “Patty Jenkins”, then the lab is correct.

However, if you start looking for documents where one of the directors is “Patty Jenkins” then it suddenly becomes a different lab question.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions in the future.

Enjoy your learning journey with MongoDB University!

Thank you!!!

Loving mongodb university