Lab 1.4: Determine the Value Type, Part 3

Hi, first of all, thanks for putting all the course together, I am enjoying it and it is well explained.

I am still in the beginning but Lab 1.4: Determine the Value Type, Part 3 question says: “What is the value type of the year field for documents in the video.movies collection?”

I know this is going very much into detail but my aggregations.movies collection shows 0.1% strings. Maybe the correct answer for the lab should contain both int32 and strings instead of int32?

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 7.44.44 AM

Anyway, thanks again and all the best.


The answer is int32 and only int32 (Not string). Look at the schema.

The aggregate returns a cursor to the documents produced (Not string or int32). Anyway aggregate is not part of this course (Hard to know how you get this output).

Hi @Diego_Losey,

You were supposed to use video.movies collection and not the aggregation.movies collection.

That being said, we have released a brand new version of this course which has better and updated content.

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~ Shubham