Lab 1.3: Determine the Value Type, Part 2


I use MongoDB 3.6.10 Enterprise and I don`t have button schema.Screenshot_1

How I can give right answer when I can`t see it?Screenshot_2

answer mixed double and string incorrect

You have one option by upgrading the Compass version to learn new details about schema orientation in compass. The other is - you are viewing the collection in table structure, please click the list view and you can see the “data” collection in document view and later you can find the type of the field asked in 1.3 lab.
Basically they have asked the value type of field not the embedded field type (sub elements in the field).

Hi Denys_26182,

You are using Compass Community version. Please install Stable version of Compass, it has schema tab.


Thank you fot your help :grinning:

Thank you fot your help :grinning:

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