Lab 1.1 - Where to find M201 database

I have started this course just after completing the M001 course, so please excuse me if I am missing something trivial. For doing the Lab 1.1 we have to import the people json file in M201 database. But I can’t find the Hostname related information to connect to the M201 cluster.

With m201, so far, you may use any instance of mongod you have access to. There is no mandatory server to connect to.

I am personally using a local one.


@ Nishant_37048

As the Lab 1.1 instructions indicate, you can simply install MongoDB – we recommend the Enterprise version, although the Community version works just as well for this course – following the standard instructions. Most students, like @ steevej-1495, simply install this on their local system. Good luck.

Thanks a lot @steevej-1495 and @DHz, that really helps!

May be in the LAB it should say that we have to do a new install on our local machine. I was thinking of Vagrant etc

It is extrange for me. I can use mongoimport on my vagrant environment but if i try to use mongoimport in a fresh new LOCAL installation on windows i get the “missing a ; before the statement…” error

Like these people comment the error on topics:

you are using mongoimport command inside mongo shell. Exit mongo shell and then run mongoimport command.