Lab 1.1: Install Course Tools and Datasets SOME HELP PLEASE

I’ve chosen the private cluster path, however, my connect string format

doesn’t match with the connect string provided in the lab

I tried, with no success, to reshape my connect string according to “Load File with mongoimport” section from the cloud docs.

Thanks for any help!

I finally managed to import the data to my database, here are my solution:

mongoimport --uri="mongodb+srv://" -u=m201_user -p=****** --drop -c=people --file=people.json

mongoimport --uri="mongodb+srv://" -u=m201_user -p=****** --drop -c=restaurants --file=restaurants.json

I found everything here:

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Hi @Wicleice_Fabio

That’s great you’ve sorted the issue. Good luck with the rest of the course!

Kindest regards,