Lab 1.1: Install Course Tools and Datasets Questions

It requires me to upload two dataset people.json and restaurant.json from the handout download, I have created a new Atlas cluster and set the “setup connection security” as any, with ip as
Then I open the cmd and put the url that privided, like: "mongosh “mongodb+srv://”(I hide the username.)
Nest, I change the usename, password and anything befor “/m201 people.json” as the insturctions says:
And it returns an error:

says missing semicolon.

I am got confused on the mechanism of uploading the data set. Since I choose the first way, by connect Atlas cluster to import datasets, and I download dataset on my onw computer (Windows system).
I suppose to import datasets from my own stroage location instead of the url from Atlas cluster. How’s that working?
Do I missunderstand something?

I think you are trying to upload data to your Sandbox cluster
The command you ran should be run at os prompt(#,$ etc)
(>) indicates you are at mongo prompt