Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect

I am trying to download Compass and clicking download button but download does not start. I do not get any error message about download. I am using my personal computer and internet provider. I have windows 10 and I am using Microsoft Edge web browser.
When I click on “Try Free” then it takes me to create Atlas in the Cloud. I created the Atlas cluster in the cloud but do not see database name “City or Video” as mentioned in the Lab video.

Please let me know if Compass download is available for doing “Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect”


It could be browser issue
Try different browser or try to use direct links or msi/zipped versions
Please check our forum

Regarding your cluster not bale to see video you have to load your Sandbox cluster with data from your handouts.Then you will see video DB

Hi @Syed_42948,

If you are still stuck then please use this link to download the 1.20.5 (Stable) version of Compass for Windows.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer