Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect


I have successfully connect,install and Configure Compass and cleared out all the lab with first attemp.

I was new with environment , and I am failed in Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect.

Can you help me to re open it again. Is there any other way to give lab 1.1 again , If our status shows as : FAIL.

help me to clear it out.


I’m sorry, but once a lab has been marked as a “fail”, there isn’t much at all that can be done. That’s been the official message so far.

thanks for your prompt support. next time i will take care from my end.

Can I simply mention that MongoDB Compass doesn’t start on Fedora Linux

You can and you certainly wouldn’t be the first one to mention it. I’ve had plenty of issues with other Linuxen. Thought others have apparently fared very well. Odd how much of a mixed bag it is.

For now the mongo shell works perfectly, at least for querying. Connecting to the course database required a few extra attributes, not to mention how the mongo shell doesn’t enable ssl by default for ssl only databases.