Lab 1.1: Install Compass and Connect Issues

Team - I feel that this lab as an error. Based on the available field name, only _id and directory is a valid answer. Please clarify.

Not clear with your question.Can you please expand
May be you meant director not directory
Please check again.There could be multiple documents with given conditions

The original question is, “Which of the following field names appear in documents in the movies collection of the video database. Check all that apply.” If you look at the documents, the only available options on based on documents view are _id and director. Please advise.

Hi Clinton_82409,

Try using “Schema” functionality in Compass to explore all the fields in a collection.


Good morning Kanika,

If the desired result was to select the name fields in the schema tab, not the documents tab, do you think that rewording the question to “Which of the following field names appear in the schema in the movies collection of the video database? Check all that apply.” would help clarify the question. This rewording would also fall in line with the lecture video.

I look forward to your feedback.

  • Austin

Hi Clinton_82409,

I understand your confusion. But the point of not putting schema in the question is to make people understand the concept of fields and schema for a collection.

Like, people who could not install Compass or you can say another way of querying could be “checking each field using $exists operator, to find out which field is in the collection or not”.

Or just by browsing or working with the documents. Obviously, there will be some documents which contain some fields and some documents which do not. That’s how MongoDB has a flexible schema.

I hope it answers your question.


Thank you for your time to answer my questions, Kanika. I was able to complete the rest of the lessons without an issue, but I still think the wording of the first question could leave someone new to MongoDB or data concepts confused.

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Thanks Clinton_82409. Let me see what I can do :slight_smile: