Kotlin SDK Realm ResultsChange with recyclerview + paging

I am using the Kotlin Realm SDK and want to query a collection and display the data in a recycler view. The dataset is quite large so I need to lazy load the data but I also want to react to changes in that data on the UI.

When I open the ResultsChange source code I see the following comment
“When the query results change, extra information is provided describing the changes from the previous version. This information is formatted in a way that can be feed directly to drive animations on UI components like RecyclerView. In order to access this information, the ResultsChange must be cast to the appropriate subclass.”

Handling the flow and the initial/updated results is fine but are there any examples of this being done using a recycler view and adapter? I cant find any examples or info online and I see that the RealmAdapters are java sdk only. Could someone point me in the right direction?