Kotlin realm setting embedded object as null with Flexible Sync

I am using Flexible sync in my kotlin application.

I have a Employee model with the following schema

class EmployeeModel : RealmObject {
    var _id: ObjectId = BsonObjectId()
    var store_id: String = ""

    var isAdmin: Boolean = false
    var username: String = ""
    var name: String = ""
    var password: PasswordModel? = null
    var email: String? = null
    var phone: String? = null
    var isActivated: Boolean = true
    var permissionRole: PermissionRoleModel? = null
    var dateCreated: Double = System.currentTimeMillis().toDouble()
    var dateModified: Double = 0.0
    var joiningDate: Double = 0.0
    var kyc: RealmList<KycModel> = realmListOf()
    var salaryDetail: EmployeeSalaryDetail? = null
    var salaryAccount: PaymentAccountModel? = null
    var salaryAdvance: EmployeeSalaryAdvance? = null
    var dob: String? = null
    var resetPasswordOnLogin: Boolean = false
    var lastLoggedOn: Double = 0.0

and Password model as

class PasswordModel : EmbeddedRealmObject {
    var salt: String = ""
    var hash: String = ""

I am using FlexibleSync and my Employee models are getting synced but all the embedded objects such as password is syncing as null

Hello @Gaurav_Bordoloi , :wave:

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Thank you for raising your concern. The provided information may not be enough to know why the embedded objects are syncing null.

Could you please share the code snippets of the Realm Write Transactions as well?

I look forward to your response.

Cheers, :performing_arts: