knMongoc : Demonstration of libmongoc (MongoDB C driver) CRUD tests using Kotlin/Native cInterop

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Please let me know your thoughts…!

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Hi @Exertion_River - looks great! I’m interested in how you’re using it for your projects.

Welcome to the MongoDB community!

Hi @Sheeri_Cabral, thanks for your reply…! :slight_smile:

The code linked above is an extract from an Ubuntu console project I am working on that generates local clock-time astronomical aspect data.

I think MongoDB could eventually allow preloading of forecast data minutes or hours ahead of current local time in order to show future-trend information.

Putting together a working example of Kotlin/Native cInterop also took me a little while and a few web searches to figure out, so I wanted to post something useful for folks to explore and retool as desired.

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Wow, what you’re doing is so cool!

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