Hi Team,

When I execute vagrant up --provision command on windows command prompt, I am getting an error of timeout. When I tried bringing up the VM through GUI I can see an error on start up as mentioned below.


I tried specifying another version also in VagrantFile, but that also is of no help.

I have already changed the BIOS setting to enable virtualization.

Can someone help me with the issue, as I am unable to proceed because of this.

Not able to help much here
Please check our forums with “vagrant up”
Maybe try to reboot and see

@Ramachandra_37567 tried that as well but no help :sob:

Hi @Ayush_56509,

Sorry for the trouble it is causing. Can you please take a look at this post: Vagrant Issues on Windows ?

Also, if nothing works, please share the screenshots after running vagrant up and vagrant ssh command.