Keep getting BadChangeset Error (ProtocolErrorCode=212) in Realm Sync

Keep getting BadChangeset Error (ProtocolErrorCode=212) in Realm Sync

I currently had developing using MongoDB Realm in React Native, and I keep running into this error in my MongoDB Realm logs:

failed to validate upload changesets: failed to validate ArrayInsert instruction: cannot have index (30) greater than prior-size (0) (ProtocolErrorCode=212)

I created the partition doing the following:
{ "partition": "farm_${id}" }

I’ve searched around, but haven’t seen anything about this error message in topics.

I’m using RealmJS 10.12.1 and React Native 0.63.3.

I hope that someone helps to solve this issue.

We believe you have encountered a bug and we are currently working on a fix.

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@Henike_Voss We have released Realm JavaScript v10.1.3 with a fix.


@Kenneth_Geisshirt thank you very much. I will test it and soon send you feedback.

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